• I already have a CNC mill, and was about to spend 15K for a CNC lathe when I found the new Turnado machine.  It really offers a lot of capability for a very reasonable price.
  • I use my machine for making custom hubs, and the Mach 3 CNC software was easy to learn.  I can also just run the machine manually if I need to do a quick and simple job
    J. Gerdick
    Tonawanda , NY
  • I wanted to learn CNC, and I almost bought a separate lathe and mill before I found the Shopmaster- I got bigger capacities in both functions with the Mill Turn at 1/3 the cost
    K. Gibbons
    San Ramon, CA.
  • I’m a hobbyist gunsmith and my new Mill Turn has really opened up my abilities. I had a big old Logan lathe before which took up a lot of space- this machine does more and it takes less room in my garage.”
    A. Worthington
  • My Patriot machine has been well used in my Hot Rod shop. It’s a really versatile machine for all sorts of jobs.
    B. Hedrick
    Fresno, CA.
  • My budget was limited so I bought a used Shoptask on E-Bay. A friend bought a 3 in1 from another company, and my 10 year old machine had better features than his new one.
    L. Davis
    L. Davis
  • I bought a Shoptask machine in 1987, and it is still running strong. Amazingly, when I called them recently for spare parts, I spoke to the same guy I bought it from nearly 30 years ago.
    B. McNab
    B. McNab