Shopmaster offers you an easy way to finance your new CNC home machine shop.

If you have licensed business, fill in the form marked “ Business Application”    Your rates and terms will be based on your business history and /or your personal credit.  The lease company will send you a response within 48 hours.  When you have been approved and you are happy with the terms, simply inform the lease company of your acceptance and they will send all the documents to you by express mail for your signature along with a prepaid envelope to return the signed documents to them.  Once they receive your documents, they will send the order to us and we will ship your machine to you.   Please note that on your application you may add freight costs and costs of extra tools.  You may use a round number a bit higher than the order for the amount of the application, but your lease will be for the exact amount of the invoice.  This allows you to add more tools before shipping if you desire.  Your application is not an obligation to buy.   We look forward to you joining the many thousands of satisfied customers with your new CNC Mill Turn or Turnado lathe.